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15 Ways to Market BIG IDEAS

15Ways2MarketBigIdeas-Cover-thumbLg-DeniseHanding out your business card is one of the 15 Ways to Take Your Story on the Road. A business card identifies you and your business (we won’t get into the development of the business card, here; we expect that you’ve put thought into all of that and your card has all the right information) and gives people a center to operate from.

Many people stop there. They heave that relieved sigh, shake off their nerves, and move forward. 

Yes, a business card is an introduction. It’s the set-up for the 60-second commercial.

However, that the 60-second commercial is out of date. Practicing your commercial is not a bad idea, I do recommend it as it gets you primed for sharing who you are and what you do, but today you have to do so much more!

It came to me then that people need more than a business card, a 60 second commercial, a few talking points, to get their point across. They need to have more options. This eBook will teach you how to get the story of you and your business out in the world, beyond the business card or the 60-second commercial.

It’s a reminder and a cheat sheet – showing you how to enhance your overall brand throughout the web and the world. Once that business card leaves your hand, you should mentally begin checking all the boxes in this eBook to make sure you’re on the right path to achieve true recognition everywhere you go.

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