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Guide to Becoming UNSTOPPABLE

GuideToBecomingUnstoppable-CoverLoneeRey-thumbLgBeing an introvert, I am content at home, working on my own.

But I knew staying home was not going to grow my business! And once out into the world, I knew I had to untie that worry knot in my stomach that always threatened to derail me. 

And, my voice! It was little more than a whisper. I kept wondering, “How will anyone hear me in this wild cacophony all around me?”  

A good friend finally said, “Get BOLD, Yvonne.” The shocked look on my face must have amused her, because she laughed.

“Seriously,” she said. “My new approach to life is to be bold. I ask you, why be humble? We’re smart. We’re talented. We’re determined. Stop murmuring, ‘In my humble opinion,’” she said. “Start roaring, In my BOLD Opinion: IMBO.”

It took some practice, but I embraced her advice and it propelled my business forward!

It’s time for YOU to GET BOLD, also. It’s time to calm the knot in your stomach and burst beyond your whisper voice. It’s time for YOU to be heard – because you are a strong, talented, determined woman!

This workbook will teach you how to conquer your whisper voice and become the strong, bold woman you were meant to be. Take it over time, but make sure you commit to doing the exercises!

Now, GO! Be Bold! Be Confident! Be UNSTOPPABLE!

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