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Choosing which big idea to go with, when you’re a baby boomer in her second act, or a millennial looking at life options, or any woman in any of the generational labeling groups society puts us in, is a challenge. How to pursue that big idea, is another challenge.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve heard from women all over the country, women with remarkable big ideas – passions that are a part of their daily lives. These are big ideas they’ve developed into a side hustle, or a gig they love. But they all tell me something is missing. Their side hustle is not turning into the dream they’d hoped would finally come true.

I know why. I know that writing that book, or building that business, comes with time issues, life demands, worries, high expectations, and sometimes, just basic confusion. I also know that success comes from nurturing and facilitating one big idea, from seed to blossom, from side hustle to serious business. From book idea to completed project.

Are you like those women? Are you ready to put your faith into your big idea?  

Use these 3 Easy Steps to get started. But, before moving on, do this exercise:

Write down ONE BIG IDEA you have but haven’t figured out yet. Keep it in mind as you do the next 3 Steps.

Click to download: The Smart Woman's BIG IDEA Starter Package - 3 Easy Steps to Starting or Reviving Your Dream Business (PDF)


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