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WriteYourBookAsBusinessCard-Cover-thumbLgBook as Business Card  takes new, aspiring authors through the steps needed to understand and write a book to become a product in your business.  The sweat and tears are yours, of course, no one writes a book as easily as a letter to your sweetheart, but the process is easier when you follow these steps.

The letter to your sweetheart is a good analogy, however. If you start your book with that love in mind, the idea of creating a letter to your sweetheart, you will find the writing easier and more enjoyable. Just remember, the love is for thousands of sweethearts - called your readers.

In my travels, the women I meet who want to write a book feel that connection to their audience in the deepest part of their heart. They are writing the book to make a difference, to help transform lives, to show other women they are not alone. For some women, it’s a sincere mission.

If you’re ready to add "Author of" to your title, this is the book for you. It will get you on the path to book writing success.

In my book The Smart Woman's Path to Taking Her Story On the Road, you will step beyond the writing and learn how to use your book as a business tool. How will it support your business? Bring in more clients? Get you speaking gigs? And more? The answers to those questions and more are in that book. Together, the two books will save you time and effort.

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