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The How to Write a Book Book

Your Step-by-Step Plans for Bringing BIG IDEAS to Life One Page at a Time

Praise from our galley readers:
"Aspiring authors ... quit planning to write your book. Get this one! Spend a weekend with it, get fired up, and get going!"
 — Anita Campbell, Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends
"I loved the practical, relatable, easy-to-follow advice on writing, publishing, and marketing a first book, in Parts 1 and 2. Then, as a published author myself, I was inspired by Part 3, with words of wisdom from other writers that got my energy revving to make writing a constant part of my life!"
 — Tracy Chamberlain Higginbotham, Founder, Women TIES, LLC, speaker, and author of Under the Rose-Colored Hat

The How to Write a Book Book: Your Step-by-Step Plans for Bringing BIG IDEAS to Life One Page at a Time, by Yvonne DiVita and Tom Collins


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"Wow, what a fabulous resource! ... This wonderful book takes the fear away and breaks the process down into bite-sized chunks, with practical steps to take you from beginning to end. I recommend all aspiring authors read The How to Write a Book Book and get started on their first book."
 — Carol Hanson, CEO at CarolHanson.com, Image consultant and personal sylist


What’s in The How to Write a Book Book?

Part 1 summarizes how the steps of house building provide guidance for quality book building. Each chapter in Part 2 goes into depth on following each step toward completing, publishing, and marketing your book.

Then in Part 3, in addition to Yvonne and Tom, you’ll get these experienced authors’ real-world Stories from the Trenches:

Guy Kawasaki Andrea Learned Dick Richards
David Young George Kittredge Stephanie Siegrist
Ellen Langas Michele Miller Rosa Say
Robert W. Bly Robbi Hess Amy Shojai


Table of Contents

  Books Bring Ideas to Life
  Pride and Accomplishment
  What to Expect from The How to Write a Book Book
      1. Information on the Writing Process
      2. Inspiration
      3. Advice on Book Marketing
      4. Advice on Publishing

Part 1
Book Building
  What could be easier than that?
  Five-step “Building” Process
      Step 1: The Idea! (your foundation)
      Step 2: Blueprints
      Step 3: Floorplans & “shop drawings”
      Step 4: Exterior Design
      Step 5: Interior Design, furnishings, as-built drawings & notes
  On Being Phenomenal
  Tips on Getting Help (hint: do you need a project manager?)

Part 2
Getting Started
Breaking Out of Writer’s Block
The Power of a Visual World
To Justify or Not to Justify
And Now, a Word About Editing and Proofreading
Publishing Options: Mainstream or “Indie”
Marketing Tools and Tactics: Becoming “the Author of”

Part 3
Stories from the Trenches

  We No Longer Live in the World of Dick and Jane, by Yvonne DiVita

  Advice to Authors, by Guy Kawasaki

  Sometimes a Book Just Happens, by George Kittredge

  The Story Behind Managing with Aloha, by Rosa Say

  A Fine Position to Be In, by Robert W. Bly

  Keep On Writing, by Ellen Langas Campbell

  How to Write a Book Under Extreme Duress, by David Young

  How I Wrote Know Your Bones, by Stephanie Seigrist

  It’s Enough to Give You Gas, by Michele Miller

  On Writing, by Andrea Learned

  Lessons on Writing that I Keep Forgetting, by Dick Richards

  7 Steps to Accidental Writer Success, by Amy Shojai

  I dropped in a dragon, a car crash, a winning lottery ticket …, by Robbi Hess

  Best Laid Plans (Or, Writing Lessons from HGTV Stars), by Tom Collins


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Buy direct from us: Free standard shipping; bulk pricing, too!



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