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Finding Your Throughline, Electrifying Your Idea: A Workbook Companion to The How to Write a Book Book, by Yvonne DiVita and Tom Collins


Whether you're writing a fantasy novel, a memoir, history for a popular audience, or a nonfiction business book, your goal should be the same: to "construct something wondrous" in the minds of your readers.

How can you ensure your book will achieve that goal?

Find your throughline. Find it as early in your writing process as you can. Then, revisit and refine it throughout.

This workbook companion to The How to Write a Book Book will show you how -- and where -- to find the throughline for your book building project. Sticking with their own throughline ("You might be surprised at how much the process of building a house can teach us about writing, designing, and publishing a book"), authors Yvonne and Tom draw out their analogy for throughline:

"You might think of the throughline in our house building analogy as the wiring systems that connect and energize every part of the structure... For your book, every topic, example, or story must connect with and support your throughline."

Here you'll find:

  • Deep dives into the concept of throughline from TED talks, to marketing copy, to screenplays, to books
  • More than two dozen exercises to help you find and refine your throughline
  • Creative prompts and templates ranging from Aesop's Fables to headlines
  • How to morph your throughline into its ultimate value: a positioning statement for selling your book to readers, agents, or editors
  • A confessional showing the consequences of going too far into your book building project without checking and adjusting your "wiring diagram" (throughline)

Ready to electrify your ideas?

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