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Using these 13 Excuses?

Are you Using these 13 Excuses NOT to Write a Book This Year? In this tongue-in-cheek review of the excuses she's heard all too often, Yvonne will show you why and how to stop accepting any of them from yourself! As she explains: "It’s my purpose and passion in life to get more women to write books. Women like you. Women who have stories to share. Women with experience who can become role models for other women." If you're already... Read more →

Finding Your Throughline

Electrifying Your Idea! Whether you're writing a fantasy novel, a memoir, history for a popular audience, or a nonfiction business book, your goal should be the same: to "construct something wondrous" in the minds of your readers. How can you ensure your book will achieve that goal? Find your throughline. Find it as early in your writing process as you can. Then, revisit and refine it throughout. This workbook companion to The How to Write a Book Book will show... Read more →