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Book Writing and Publishing Program

Lifestyle Business Coaching Program


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This program is designed to bring "ready to improve/grow my business"  and/or "ready to get my book done" folks
accountability coaching, advice, and support they need. 

Truth is . . .

More women writing more books and building more businesses is what I believe the world needs now!

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my lifestyle business

Leaving a Lasting Legacy Quote tomorrows past legacy

Writing and coaching is what I do. It's what I've been doing for close to 20 years, as a published author, an entrepreneur, and a small business owner.

My blog, Lipsticking, was named one of the 20 Best Marketing and Social Media blogs by women, in 2010, by Forbes Magazine.  While it's no longer a big part of my business, it is a support tool for all of my writing. I am still approached by those in PR to do programs with them. My writing endures. It's through the writing that I came to help women with their business needs, also. Writing and communication are what all business is about. 

I'm on my 4th successful business endeavor. My first was in publishing. My second was in blogging. My third was in influencer marketing. I could have retired, but here I am. Waiting to work with you. On your legacy to the universe.

Here's how it all came about:

Well before Covid-19 I met a woman who lamented over ever getting her book written. It wasn't that she didn't know what to write about, as so many women I meet tell me, it was that she had, "All this content," rolling her eyes as she said it, "and no idea how to organize it into a book!"

She told me, "I need to get this book done! No one has been able to help me. You have to help me!" For days and days after the event, I couldn't stop thinking about her and her unfinished book project.  

Shortly afterwards, I met with an acquaintance I hadn't seen in quite a while and the same thing happened, but for her new business.

"I want to be on my own," she said, with the saddest look on her face. "But, I don't know how be an entrepreneur. I don't even know if my idea is viable."

On a Mission Now!

These two women set me on a mission to turn more women into entrepreneurs and/or published authors because I know women have so much magic to offer the world.

The rate of women starting new businesses is higher than ever before! 

And don't get me started on writing and publishing books! I am not kidding when I say a book is a necessity in today's fast-paced business world where everyone has something to say, but not everyone is saying it loud enough. Loud doesn't mean shouting, either. It means being recognized. It means talking to the right people. It means reaching the right audience for you.

If you become an author, if you write that book, if you publish that book, you win. You win over all of your competition. 



Help is here.

The women I talk to about books or business, all have one thing in common. They need a helping hand. They don't know how to turn their big ideas into that book or that business. They're capable, they just need that helping hand.


I believe in all  of your wonderful ideas and content!

I know you can influence other women in ways men have no clue about.

Woman to woman. Understanding issues women face.

Sharing stories of the unique challenges you've overcome, as a female business owner.

Demonstrating how to fight like a man, and still be feminine.

Do it now. Do it today. 

To schedule a free introductory call, email me
[yvonne-at-yvonnedivita-dot-com] with the
subject line: my lifestyle business

Lifestyle Business Coaching:

Lifestyle Business Coaching is my coaching program to take you from indecision to achievement.
Or from thinking about a book to published author. 

This is for you if you're:

  • Looking for a way to turn your expertise into a lifestyle business. 
  • Ready to increase positive attention and attract more clients for your business.
  • In need of an accountability partner and a expert guidance on creating a lifestyle business. 
  • Writing a book but you're stumped and can't seem to move forward.
  • Constantly saying you're too busy to write a book, but you know there's a book lurking in all the content you produce. 
  • Ready to turn current content - blog posts, business articles, podcasts, or videos - into a book.
  • Ready to learn how writing a book is a business and how it can help improve and attract more clients to your business. 

It works like this:

  • We meet via Zoom once a month, for at least an hour. It might go to an hour and a half, at times.
  • I answer questions you have about being in business, writing a book, getting publishing, and all of the in-between stuff.   
  • I work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals. Yes, homework is involved!
  • I advise you on your web and social platforms.
  • I advise you on your Amazon Author page and your Goodreads author page.
  • I offer advice on your Speaker Sheet and advise on how to obtain speaking engagements. (say it out loud: podcasting!)
  • I make you accountable for the tasks needed in your business or for writing your book. 
  • This program runs for 6- 9 months.


Plus, free PDF eBook copies (one each) of:

  • Finding Your Throughline - Electrifying Your Idea 
  • The Smart Woman's Guide to Big Idea Success - 4 Guides in One
  • The 21 Steps To A Big Idea Launch Workbook

This program has limited membership at this time.
Schedule your free introductory call now!
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with the subject line: Capability Coaching

NOTE: Developmental Editing is NOT offered in this package. That is part of our FULLY Developed Book Coaching Program. I'm happy to discuss the full book coaching program during our call.