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Fully Developed
Book Writing and Publishing Program

Fully developed book plan image - click to enlargeNurturing  Big Ideas and Old Dog Learning offer our
Fully Developed Book Writing and Publishing Program

For serious writers
who are determined to produce a stellar product to:
support their business, get them on stage, and create a lasting legacy.  

Writing and publishing your next (or first) book is a big task. A big decision. 
The process can be overwhelming. 

Serious writers understand that writing a book takes more than sweat and tears - more than a great idea - even more than determination. 

Writing a book takes a team. A professional, talented, experienced team that will keep you accountable, give you the writing and editing support you need, create structure for your book, help you build community, and give you insight into your book, your audience, and, yes, yourself.

You want a team that will help you create a stellar book, digital and print - a published book with your name on the cover.

We are a husband and wife team with more than 20 years of writing, publishing, and business experience. Tom and Yvonne Your Book Coaches

We're two established professionals who are well-connected in the world of being "the author of." We know writing and we know publishing.

We're published authors and former print on demand publishers. We offer you close to 20 years of experience in all aspects of writing, publishing, and marketing a book.

Our coaching and writing services always keep your goals at the forefront. We're also experienced in book marketing, and we help our clients add their book on the Amazon KDP platform, both digital and print book delivery.

If you're contemplating a book this year, new or otherwise, how many of these questions are keeping you up at night?

  • Is my idea good enough?
  • Will anyone want to read my book?
  • How will I get my book published?
  • How will I market my book?
  • Can I do this, now, given all my other obligations?
  • How can I get on stage as a paid speaker, with my book? 
  • Do I really need an editor?
  • Can I use content I already have?
  • Where will I sell my book? 
  • How will I sell my book?
  • Is there anyone who can help me with all these questions!

The answer to the last question is YES! YES! YES!

WE are here to help - Nurturing Big Ideas and Old Dog Learning - Yvonne DiVita and Tom Collins, a husband and wife team who have dedicated the last two decades to serving writers, like you, who want to be seen and heard. Because we believe in the power of a published book. 

Our Fully Developed Book Writing and Publishing program answers all those questions and so much more!

It's a six to twelve month commitment designed - yes, designed - from years of working with other authors and writers to help them write and publish their books.

We have fine-tuned this program over the years to support all writers who want to become published authors, but especially those in business. The power a book with your name on it is your ticket to the stage; it makes you highly visible; it can launch the next level of your business; and so much more. Working with us you will create a body of work that will make you a thought leader and will leave a lasting legacy.

It's merely a matter of helping you become "the author of"... Your Book, this year.

Included in our program is our plan for a fully developed book for Kindle (KDP) . We work hand in hand with you, the author, from first page, to last page, through cover design and interior layout, through idea to written work, through engaging readers, through all the steps needed to make your book a successful, published product you can use in your business and sell on Amazon.

Here are a few ways your published book will help you in your business:

  • A published book gives you an immediate voice of authority
  • It helps you build a speaking platform 
  • It helps you cultivate an engaged following/community
  • It supports the workshops and webinars you will create
  • It gets you invited on podcasts as an expert in your field
  • It showcases opportunities to collaborate with others

Our commitment is to give 110% - which means we only take on a small number of book program clients. Contact us today for your Discovery call!