BIG IDEA Starter Package

Choosing which big idea to go with, when you’re a baby boomer in her second act, or a millennial looking at life options, or any woman in any of the generational labeling groups society puts us in, is a challenge. How to pursue that big idea, is another challenge. Over the last 15 years, I’ve heard from women all over the country, women with remarkable big ideas – passions that are a part of their daily lives. These are big... Read more →

10 Qs for Work/Life Balance

Many determined women (and a few men, also) have spent hours thinking about the implementation of their big idea, and some have even toyed with moving forward with it. But the task seems so daunting; the work involved to even get started seems so confusing; the worry that no one will like the idea (we worry more about being laughed at than you think!), makes these amazingly talented women push their big idea aside for another day. And so, that... Read more →