Finding Your Throughline

Electrifying Your Idea! Whether you're writing a fantasy novel, a memoir, history for a popular audience, or a nonfiction business book, your goal should be the same: to "construct something wondrous" in the minds of your readers. How can you ensure your book will achieve that goal? Find your throughline. Find it as early in your writing process as you can. Then, revisit and refine it throughout. This workbook companion to The How to Write a Book Book will show... Read more →

Book Promotion Plan

The Ultimate Book Promotion Plan: A Workbook "Book promotion is as much a science as it is a marketing task." So opens this practical and useful workbook, that will help you create and implement marketing tasks to promote your book to your audience. From Yvonne DiVita, co-author of The How to Write a Book Book, this handy tool picks up on the advice given there, “Don’t forget the marketing! Perhaps we should be hammering this on every page? . .... Read more →

The How to Write a Book Book

Your Step-by-Step Plans for Bringing BIG IDEAS to Life One Page at a Time Praise from our galley readers: "Aspiring authors ... quit planning to write your book. Get this one! Spend a weekend with it, get fired up, and get going!" — Anita Campbell, Founder and CEO of Small Business Trends "I loved the practical, relatable, easy-to-follow advice on writing, publishing, and marketing a first book, in Parts 1 and 2. Then, as a published author myself, I was... Read more →

15 Ways to Market BIG IDEAS

Handing out your business card is one of the 15 Ways to Take Your Story on the Road. A business card identifies you and your business (we won’t get into the development of the business card, here; we expect that you’ve put thought into all of that and your card has all the right information) and gives people a center to operate from. Many people stop there. They heave that relieved sigh, shake off their nerves, and move forward. Yes,... Read more →

Your Book as Business Card

Book as Business Card takes new, aspiring authors through the steps needed to understand and write a book to become a product in your business. The sweat and tears are yours, of course, no one writes a book as easily as a letter to your sweetheart, but the process is easier when you follow these steps. The letter to your sweetheart is a good analogy, however. If you start your book with that love in mind, the idea of creating... Read more →

4 Guides in 1 eBook!

These 4 essential guidebooks were designed to help every smart, talented woman doing business today to propel her businesses forward. You'll find many resources included, along with actionable advice, and books you should read. By the way, reading isn't merely fundamental - you'll find it's a necessary part of being successful because strong, successful people read. You'll learn how to: Get Started with your special talent; Move Forward by learning to ask for help and more; keep yourself On Track... Read more →

10 Qs for Work/Life Balance

Many determined women (and a few men, also) have spent hours thinking about the implementation of their big idea, and some have even toyed with moving forward with it. But the task seems so daunting; the work involved to even get started seems so confusing; the worry that no one will like the idea (we worry more about being laughed at than you think!), makes these amazingly talented women push their big idea aside for another day. And so, that... Read more →