Book Promotion Plan

The Ultimate Book Promotion Plan: A Workbook "Book promotion is as much a science as it is a marketing task." So opens this practical and useful workbook, that will help you create and implement marketing tasks to promote your book to your audience. From Yvonne DiVita, co-author of The How to Write a Book Book, this handy tool picks up on the advice given there, “Don’t forget the marketing! Perhaps we should be hammering this on every page? . .... Read more →

15 Ways to Market BIG IDEAS

Handing out your business card is one of the 15 Ways to Take Your Story on the Road. A business card identifies you and your business (we won’t get into the development of the business card, here; we expect that you’ve put thought into all of that and your card has all the right information) and gives people a center to operate from. Many people stop there. They heave that relieved sigh, shake off their nerves, and move forward. Yes,... Read more →

Guide to Becoming UNSTOPPABLE

Being an introvert, I am content at home, working on my own. But I knew staying home was not going to grow my business! And once out into the world, I knew I had to untie that worry knot in my stomach that always threatened to derail me. And, my voice! It was little more than a whisper. I kept wondering, “How will anyone hear me in this wild cacophony all around me?” A good friend finally said, “Get BOLD,... Read more →